Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sports & Gaming

Every summer, an influx of new video games are released in order to pique the interest of the numerous gamers in the Westlake area. However, this summer, it seems that older games are releasing new content in order to shy gamers away from investing in the newest products with an effort to force gamers to renew their interest in their original games.
One example of this phenomenon would be Bethesda releasing downloadable content for their award-winning game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. On June 26th, 2012, Skyrim’s first downloadable content named: Dawnguard will be released for the Xbox 360 for approximately 20 dollars (Playstation 3 and PC versions are coming at a later time in July). Dawnguard pits the player against a group of vampires who desire to “blacken the sun” in order to spread their power throughout the region of Tamriel, but the dawnguard has been specifically created to combat and thwart the vampire’s plans. The player is able to choose between the two factions, with each faction having several distinct differences in the style of play. For example, the player choosing the vampire faction gain the ability to became a “Vampire Lord”, which gives the player several abilities similar to that of the vampire in Bethesda’s previous game, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, but at this time, details of major differences have not been revealed. The Dawnguard faction gives the player a greater variety of man-made weaponry such as: crossbows and dragon bone weaponry, but also at this time, details are scarce on major additions. All of this, coupled with Bethesda’s stellar track record for releasing compelling content makes Dawnguard the first blockbuster downloadable content of the summer. Just released on Tuesday, June 26th, Dawnguard promises not to disappoint.


Neon Brights for Midsummer Nights
Hey there bloggers! Now that it's summer, my wardrobe has been improved with a somewhat new trend: Neon. Yes, the electric colors from the 80s are back on the shelves, not only in Forever 21 but also shown on the runways of Nanette Lepore, Rag & Bone and Peter Som. When I first discovered that neon would be the popular look for spring and summer my mind automatically traveled back to Frankie Goes to Hollywood. To be perfectly honest, that was definitely the “worst of times” in terms of neon fashion, but I have found that a splash of blinding colors is just what you need to make a sophisticated look, look young and fresh. Now ladies, don’t be timid to try this bold trend. It’s as simple as throwing a vibrant orange satchel over your shoulder or slipping on a pair of highlighter yellow sandals with a simple black maxi dress. If your feeling more daring then try a pair of colored denim shorts or a fun sundress with neon accents. Some of my favorite finds you can pick up right here in Westlake!

Paige Denim Jimmy Jimmy Short- Electric Pink from Sugar
DEZO Palm Tree Zip Pouch- Flame from Madison
Theysken’s Theory- Anen Shoulder Bag from Madison
Sigerson Morrison- Randy T-strap sandal from Madison
Karina Grimaldi- Wilhemina Dress from Madison
Donatienne- Camille Leather Neon clutch from Madison
Steven by Steve Madden Cross body bags from Nordstrom
Melissa Harmonic Sandal Flats- Neon Yellow from Madison
Sugar Boutique in Westlake
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Madison Westlake
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Travel Around the World Without Ever Leaving L.A.

Hey! I’m Julia Shapiro and I am one of the summer interns at Westlake Magazine. I will be a senior at Calabasas High School in the fall and since I write for the Calabasas Courier I jumped at this opportunity to broaden my journalistic skills and knowledge. Westlake Magazine is providing me with both a creative outlet to exert my writing potential and a medium to enhance my skills and learn more about “a day in the life of a journalist.” As a journalist on the rise, the Valley has provided me with numerous sources of inspiration. Writing for my school newspaper and now being involved in Westlake Magazine has brought to my attention the events and places that I otherwise would completely overlook. This has not only broadened my knowledge of the place I live but also has opened my eyes to the little things in life and the different cultures that surround us everyday.
I am very excited to be working on expanding Westlake Magazine’s social media this summer. The section I will be writing on is food and travel. I love discovering new places to eat and what better way to share my findings than through this blog? I truly believe that people come together over food. It is a staple of our culture and we often center our day around a delicious meal. I know I do. As for travel, I constantly find myself flipping through the pages of magazines and admiring the beautiful sandy beaches of the Caribbean and the mysterious jungles of Costa Rica. However, in reality, how many of us really get the opportunity to travel to all of these exotic locations? This is why this summer, I am creating a travel and local foods guide, allowing everyone to travel around the world without every leaving the Valley. Indulge and immerse yourself in dozens of cultures this summer. Just follow my blog every week to see where to travel next.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sports & Gaming

Hello everyone, my name is Aria Guilani and I am a new blogger for Westlake Magazine. I’m currently a senior at Taft High School in Woodland Hills, California, and I am a P90X graduate who has lost 90 pounds throughout the past two years. I joined Westlake Magazine because I want to experience the business and editorial aspects of creating a magazine.
I will be posting about video games and sports pertaining to the Westlake and greater Los Angeles areas. I have always had a passion for sports and video games ever since I was young. I hope that through this blog I can help spread my love for sports and video games to the community.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


Hello Westlake Readers! My name is Hannah Kleinick and I am a newbie here at Westlake Magazine (AKA an intern). Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I was born and raised here in the comfortable yet fabulous suburb of Westlake Village. I grew up trotting around the lake on my bike and stuffing my face with an old local favorite: Baducco's pizza. But my favorite part about Westlake is no doubt the shopping. I was pure trouble at the age of 5, begging my mom to purchase Hard Tail sweat pants and colorful tutus at M. Frederick Kids. Once I turned double digits all I wanted was Juicy Couture and now seven years later I drool over YSL stilettos and Chanel handbags. My taste has evolved to say the least. Thanks to my chic mother, local boutiques and of course a subscription to Vogue I have formed a love affair with fashion. This summer I will be discussing new trends, great finds in local stores and how to work them into your everyday wardrobe. I cannot wait to share with all of you!

DIY - (Do it Yourself)

Hey everyone! My name is Jessica Smith and this summer I have joined the Westlake Magazine team as a high school intern. Since a very young age I have been obsessed with writing. I would spend hours on end in front of my computer writing anything that came to mind. My wacky topics ranged from short stories about a fictional character I made up named Miss Clarabelle Breadsticks to an enchanted garden made solely out of sugary confections. Last year I began my real journalism career as a staff writer for the Calabasas Courier at Calabasas High. As I grew with both passion and experience over the year I discovered a love for writing for the news section of the paper. Fortunately I was blessed with the opportunity to be the news editor for the Courier next year! As summer approached I searched for something that would help me broaden my writing abilities and learn more about creating a magazine. I am looking forward to all the knowledge I will gain throughout this incredible experience. Each week I will post about a fun DIY (do it yourself) project! Ever since I was little I have been very interested in art and creating my own unique pieces. I will be providing you all with the knowledge to create some cool projects that will add some fun to your summer! There is no “correct” way to make DIY projects so be expressive and have fun with them! Check back each week to get inspired and let your creativity flow!

Love, Life & Literature

Hello, my name is Bailee Ahern. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work as a high school intern this summer at Westlake Magazine. Combing through the glossy pages, I encountered this magazine for the first time like most—outside a local shop. Since that time, I have religiously read each month, hoping one day to contribute to the magazine. Today, after only a couple years since my first sighting of Westlake Magazine, I find myself interning and writing for this blog. The focus of my writing will be books, love and family. Having lived in Westlake Village for my entire life, sixteen years, I hope to incorporate my understanding of Westlake and the surrounding areas into my writing. Mostly I wish to express the tight-knit and cozy character of the community, which I enjoy very much. In addition, the prospect of speaking about these three topics, books, love and family, excites me as I have passionately grown to acquire an insatiable taste for books and a joy that comes from understanding life, which is most often focused on the ups and downs of love and family. Westlake Magazine speaks to the community I love most, and I certainly feel fortunate to contribute my voice, hopefully uplifting the community and expressing my gratitude toward my favorite place in the world, Westlake Village.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Corey West featured at ABRA Gallery: Saturday, June 23rd

Attention bloggers! Have a passion for art? Come enjoy a glass of wine and fine art at the ABRA Gallery in Westlake Village as they feature a one-woman exhibition of artwork by abstract artist Corey West on Saturday, June 23rd from 6-9 pm.

Corey West, who originates from Sonoma, California is presenting her “mixed media abstract paintings” which are composed of layers of acrylic, ink, soft pastel and papers. West comments that, “My work is about pattern, layering, texture and the details within the bigger image. My work is approachable and meant to be touched, which makes it unique.” As a part of her passion for art and motherhood, she incorporates her children in her work by having them help name each piece. Previewed below is one of West's creations entitled, "Apples on My Mind."

With originality that brings each painting to life, this is one exhibit you don’t want to miss! For more information or to RSVP, call 818.889.2000 or visit ABRA Gallery, 30941 Agoura Road, #310, Westlake Village, CA 91361.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of Stephenie Glas, an heroic local firefighter, who passed away on June 9.

Stephenie was featured in our last issue as one of our community's "Achievers." We are sad to have lost someone who contributed so much and deeply appreciative of all she gave to our community.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Six Weeks, Six Tips to a Beach-Ready Bod

With summer fast approaching and bathing suit season just around the corner, now is the final stretch in getting the perfect summer body worthy of any Brazilian beach. In just six short weeks, your body will be ready for the front page of any fitness magazine and you will feel both healthy and confident. By following the six practical tips suggested by fitness expert, Lisa Corsello, your “beach bod” will be toned and ready to tackle any wave.

1. Plan your meals and mealtimes:

When life gets busy, most of us end up going too long between meals. When we do get a few moments to eat, we don't always have time to make the healthiest choices and end up eating whatever and whenever we can. Going too long between meals slows metabolism and usually results in overheating. Have a big meeting coming up that might last for ages? Eat a quick snack before to avoid both an energy and metabolism crash. Planning, although it may take a bit of effort, will pay off in the end by reducing the amount of calories consumed. 

Tip: If you'll be heading out to dinner, research the restaurant's menu beforehand  to choose the healthiest option in advance. 

2. Increase your cardio:

Try to add 15-20 extra minutes of cardio to your routine to burn more calories during and after your workout. Add a few inspiring songs to your playlist and keep your heart rate up. Your body will thank you for it. 

Tip: Try 3-4 different cardio machines for 5 minutes each to avoid boredom. 

3. Change your routine:

In addition to the increased cardio, try a new strength training routine. Our bodies and minds adapt to the same old exercises, so be sure to challenge yourself in new ways every other week.

Tip: If you're used to heavy weights, grab lighter weights and work each muscle group twice as long.

4. Get to class:

With so many new workout trends, there's something for every fitness personality. Ask yourself what you enjoy most and search for a class that has a similar fitness philosophy. 

Tip: Don't be afraid to call and ask questions or stop by and watch a class before attending. It's most important to find something that is challenging and fun. 

5. Track your calories: 

Nutrition is the most important aspect in weight loss. Keep a food journal or choose from one of hundreds online calorie tracker sites to better understand how what you eat contributes to your weight gains and losses as well as your overall energy levels. 

Tip: Be sure to include even the small handfuls of food you snack on. 

6. Cut back on cocktails:

Planning a big night out? Committing to weight loss doesn't necessarily mean the end of your social life. The goal is to find a way to lose weight in a healthy way, which includes having a social life! Steer clear of high calorie cocktails and choose a diet soda or a diet tonic water if possible. Try to set limits for yourself as well, as hangovers tend to lead to overrating the following day. 

Tip: Drink at least one full glass of water between each round of drinks to stay hydrated and to slow yourself down. 

Stick to these six steps for six weeks and get a hit, summer bod that will keep the temperatures rising! 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

5 Snacks that will Help Your Health and Take on Obesity

With the hectic schedules everyone leads in today’s modern, fast-paced society, it is easy to forget your lunch on the counter or give in to the intoxicating smells of McDonalds across the street from the office. By the end of the day, you are often left either hungry or feeling guilty about munching on greasy French fries. However, if you always carry one of these five snacks in your car or purse, you are sure to end the day feeling satisfied and fulfilled. These snacks are both delicious and nutritious and send you on the path to a healthy lifestyle and the summer figure everyone has been dreaming of. 

1. Yogurt.  Reaching for some low-fat yogurt can be a healthy snack because it provides the body with protein, as well as calcium. It also has vitamins, minerals, and beneficial bacteria that aid digestion. 

2. Granola Bars.  Natural granola bars that contain wholesome ingredients provide a satisfying way to snack. They provide energy, protein, and fiber. Just opt for those that are low in fat and sugar. 

3. Fresh Fruit. There's just no going wrong with eating fresh fruits or vegetables for a snack. They are low in calories and fat, plus they provide lots of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

4. Smoothies.  Low-fat smoothies can be a snack that provides a good pick-me-up, as well as a boost of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Plus, many are a great source of protein. 

5. Baked Chips.  Opting for baked chips or naturally popped snacks is a great way to take on obesity. Any time someone can reach for baked chips over traditional, fat-laden ones, they will be satisfying that snack craving without sacrificing their health. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Fearless Women Unite

Dozens of fearless women gathered on May 18, on the red carpet, to celebrate the new book Fearless Women, Visions of a New World by Mary Ann Halpin. This photography book depicts strong female characters from across the country, celebrating their courageous actions. These women have overcome fears to achieve great personal and professional success. Halpin calls on all women to grow fearless and be the leaders of change in the world. Her book brings inspirational women together who are all determined to leave their mark on the world. This global movement is changing the lives of thousands of women and empowering them to show their strength and make a difference. Enjoy. Inspire. Empower. Be Fearless.